Horse Racing Tips - How To Lay Favorites And Make A Profit Every Single Da

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Horse Racing Tips - How To Lay Favorites And Make A Profit Every Single Da

No matter how many years you have been playing games online, on sites such as Horse racing is different and one needs to know a little about the race before they can go ahead and bet. There are basic horse racing tips that can bring daily profit.

Just like every other sport, horse racing tipsters make lots of money daily by laying favorites.

If you don’t understand the term ‘laying’, it means you only pick out that horse that can’t win in a race.

It doesn’t matter if you have your own style or if you depend on a tipster to win. It’s important that you get the right tips that can help you make profit every single day.

I’m here to share simple horse racing tips that work favorably with anyone.

If there are 12 horses in a race and you bet that one will win, you will have 11 horses running and the odds are against you. But if you lay 1 of the horses out, it means 11 horses are in your favor and you will win.

This is an awesome way to make money since the odds are in your favor.

The only challenge of laying horses comes from you and your selection. You may believe that laying the outsider in every race would work favorably for you since most of the horses lose and you win.

Unfortunately, this is usually unfavorable because you will become unstuck at a time which would take away any previous profit you have made from the main betting banks as you might lose continuously.

Here’s an example: the outsider in each horse race was 30/1 and you need $10 profit from each race. To make the $10 you will have a liability of $300. In simple terms, it means that if the horse you bet on should win, you would lose $300! Just imagine.

Your next question you should ask is ‘What Horse Do I Lay?’

The Favorite

I know that the idea of laying the best horse seems awkward but the best horse in a race may not be the winning horse. The favorite horse in the race is made favorite by you and the amount of money you bet on it.

This means if 500 people place a $500 each bet on a horse then it would become the favorite horse even if it hasn’t been on the race track in years.

What you need to know is the false favorites which are horses that seem like the favorite and they shouldn’t be favorite for any reason.

Statistics have shown us that favorites only win their games 30% of the time. Some races are good for the favorites and some aren’t.

No one bets a 6/4 favorite in a 16 runner handicap race. I would rather lay it so that the other 15 horses are running for me.

It’s that simple!

Liabilities are worth the risk only when you aren’t risking more than $15 if the odd is about 6/4 to win about $10. This is why ‘laying’ is profitable and safe.

The Selections

Here are the tips that can help you find some ‘false favorites’

  1. Get information from the dailies, any website on racing post or a combination of both the dailies and websites. Select the race that has the highest number of runners.
  2. Go after handicap races with at least 16 runners.
  3. Find women jockey races or apprentice races. These are the best places to lay favorites.
  4. Once you have noted these races, go for the ‘handicap’ races and focus on them.
  5. Select any handicap races that have odds for the favorite that’s not more than 7/4.
  6. If there are no races with 16 or more runners, go for the 14 runner race.
  7. When the odds are at about 2.8 or below, go for it. They are definite bets.

Sticking to these points will bring you success but I also have personal tips that can bring greater success.

After you’ve made your selections online or on a website, check to see if the horse you selected is a ‘Course & Distance’ winner. If it isn’t don’t lay it.

If the horse you select has more weight than it did at the previous race lay it.

Create a sensible staking plan to keep your money safe and it should be able to help you enjoy your betting experience.

The Staking Plan

If you don’t have a proper staking plan, you may not be able to make money from horse racing. This is the advice I give to those who come to me for counsel.

If you have a $1000 in your betting bank, divide your betting bank by 200 which is $5. This will be your profit target for each day of the race.

It may not seem like much but think of it this way: if you place bets for 10 different races then you are aiming for $50 per day.

You still have the opportunity to make the same amount or more from the races of the following day and other days as well.

Within a short while, you can be sure that your betting banks will have built up what you are aiming for which can be $100, $200 or even $500.

To make this clearer, imagine that you have an easy 5 winning from all your daily bets. All together you will make a profit of about 2.5% daily and 18% profit every week. When you add this to your betting bank and your monthly profit will be running into $1000!

Isn’t that great!

Continue this process for the following 8 weeks and your betting bank account will have grown to as much as $3800. After this you can begin to aim for $200 daily as each race profit for all your 5 winnings for each day.

When you view your gambling actions as a means to financial freedom or an investment, you will be able to achieve more than can imagine.

This is the right way to view your gambling activities rather than seeing it as a way to make quick cash and spend it on frivolities without thoughtful consideration.